The Winnipeg climate, hot summers to cold winters, provides an ideal environment for roof condensation. If left untreated, roof condensation can be a very costly to cure so its important to know what causes roof condensation, what to look for and who to call to keep it in check.

What causes roof condensation?

The main cause of roof condensation is warm air from a heated home rising to a cold attic resulting in moisture forming. This warm air can sneak in from things like cracks, vents and even improperly sealed light fixtures.

If left untreated, excessive roof moisture can lead to ice damming which leads to water leaking into your home.

How to tell if your roof is at risk for excessive moisture

Does your bathroom exhaust fan lead directly into your unheated attic?

Is your home properly insulated for Winnipeg weather conditions?

Does the snow on your roof melt quickly after a snowfall?

Does your attic have proper ventilation for heat to escape?

Do you experience leaks from your roof?

If you are unaware of the answers to any of these questions it is important that you contact a Winnipeg roofing specialist to inspect your home for roof condensation risks.

How to prevent roof condensation

To prevent roof condensation it’s important to enlist the help of a Winnipeg roofing contractor who is knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with roof condensation problems. A good roofing contractor will be a member of the Manitoba Shingling Contractors Association and will provide a free estimate for services to ensure all measures are taken to keeping your roof free of excessive moisture.

If your require an inspection for roof condensation, or would like a second opinion on the health of your roof, have us provide you with a free estimate or call us at (204) 237-7663.