Siding Information

Choosing the best siding for your home is about more than how it looks – you need to consider which of the various maintenance free materials will work best with your property, including vinyl siding (brands include Royal Building Products, Kaycan, and Gentek), cement board, (KWP Products Nature Tech) engineered wood, and Quality Stone siding products. We use only top-rated materials from some of the world’s top suppliers.

Because we are experts at siding in Winnipeg, we can advise you on the best product for your particular needs, and work with your budget to get the best results possible. While we’re there, we can also upgrade the R-value of walls by adding insulation, bringing down future heating costs.

Our Winnipeg siding contractors are experts in what they do, and like the rest of us at Pristine Roofing and Siding, take great pride in making our customers happy. It is a great feeling when homeowners see their new siding and fall in love with how it improves the look of their home.

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