Terms and Conditions

The warranty is cancelled automatically if the surface of the roof is altered in any way or any attachments are made thereto or if the building is used for any other purpose than originally designed without the prior written approval of the Contractor (including any roof repairs and snow removal).

No responsibility of liability is assumed by the Contractor in respects of roof insulation over which the said roof has been applied, the selling of the building or distortion¬† or failure of the building’s foundation, walls, capping or roof deck, nor damage to the said roof and flashings caused during or after the application thereof by persons working upon or being upon the said roof.

Workmanship guarantee does not cover damage due to high winds, ice build-up, condensation or other acts of God.

Pristine Home Renovations Ltd. is not responsible for any delays beyond their control (weather, suppliers, etc.).

This contract is based on completed job and any surplus material remains the property of Pristine Home Renovations Ltd.

Warranty is void if the contract is not paid in full.

Any board replacement, flashing replacement or removal of additional layers of shingles will be considered an extra charge.

Any hidden conditions which require extra additional work or any extras requested by the purchaser will be billed separately and paid for by the purchaser as an extra.

Your property will be a construction site, so please remove or secure objects that could fall or be damaged during the process of completing our work, as we are not liable for damages through the normal process of completing our work.

We are not responsible for any cracks to ceilings and walls, popped drywall screws, etc. that may arise during the normal process of completing our work.

We are not responsible for any cracked or soft stucco that may break away at roof/wall intersections during the normal process of completing our work.

Pristine Home Renovations Ltd. can cancel any job prior to commencement.

All warranties are null and void should you fail to pay the contract price and extra charges in full.

We will require access to power outside. Please contact us if this is a problem. We also require access to your driveway for the delivery of material, and to park our clean-up trailer.

Thank you!