The owners of Pristine have always believed in giving back to the community that supports them.  Following an eye opening tour of the Siloam Mission and witnessing first hand the positive impact on people who are in dire need, Pristine has committed to donate $25 from every completed roofing project.  This amount donated is enough to cover the cost of 3 meals in a day and a bed for someone in need.  Siloam Mission changes the lives of society’s most unfortunate, not only through meals and a safe place to sleep, but by restoring dignity and restoring opportunities.  Though there are so many valued and worthy charities to help in Winnipeg, we elected to put all our focus into Siloam Mission as there is a great fit in the work they do in helping the homeless and the work we do at Pristine to help homeowners.  We wanted to make the greatest impact possible with one organization that is truly doing phenomenal work.  In addition to the proceeds from each project, Pristine also has plans for an annual golf tournament with all money raised going to Siloam Mission.

For more information on how you can help this wonderful organization, visit