Ice Damming Solutions Winnipeg

Accumulation of snow on your roof is inevitable in the winter, and with freeze-thaw conditions also comes the risk of developing ice damming on the roof of your Winnipeg home.

Ice dams happen when heat from inside a home’s attic melts snow on the roof, then freezes when it runs to the bottom of the roof where it is colder. This develops ice and prevents the rest of the meltwater from running into the eavestroughs, pushing it back up under the shingles.

To prevent this, you keep your attic cold, not warm. Proper insulation must be in place that prevents heat from inside the home from seeping into the attic.

The other way to look at it is keeping the entire roof the same temperature as the eaves. That way if snow is melting on the higher parts of the roof, it will stay as water and run off the bottom parts and into the eavestroughs.

If you believe that an ice dam has formed, remove snow from your roof immediately to avoid unwanted roof repairs.

What Sets Pristine Roofing & Siding Apart From Other Roofing Companies in Winnipeg?

Your satisfaction is absolutely necessary, but we don’t stop there. We have high standards, and we want to make sure that those standards are met on every job, which is why we provide a complimentary inspection once the work is complete.

We take extra time to assess all the factors that can affect the longevity of your roof and the comfort of your home, including:

  • Ventilation
  • Air leakage
  • Condensation
  • Ice damming
  • Insulation (we can provide both removal and spray foam installation services)

We understand that our customers are usually working within a budget, so we offer different options ranging from good, better, and best so that you can choose the one that’s right for you and your family.
Our contractors are COR-certified by the Construction Safety Association of Manitoba.